My Husband Thinks I’m Killing Our Car

Poland Road Side Assistance

Most roads in Poland suck. Cobblestones, potholes, uneven paving, paving with multiple textures, more potholes…we have it all. Basically, driving here feels like having a perpetual flat tire. Until you get a flat tire. Then you’re stuck wondering if it’s the road or the tire. Today, it really was a flat tire.

Here are the thoughts that went through my head when I realized that something was wrong:

How do I get up on the curb to park if I have a flat? (Parking on the curb/sidewalk, though legal, still freaks me out a bit.)

Ah, that scraping sound wasn’t good at all.

Whew, I have roadside assistance!

Shit, do I know how to describe my location?

Shit, I don’t speak Polish.

I need to learn more Polish.

Quick, call Chris and his Polish colleagues before they leave work for the day.

Damn, they are gonna make fun of me for two car dramas in five days. (Last week I was stuck in neutral, unable to take my foot off the brake, when the gear shift jammed. It’s just not my week.)

I suppose I can change it myself. Sad face.

It’s raining. Even sadder face.

No, you have roadside assistance. Happy face.

Errrr…there’s no English promt. I’ll just press zero and see what happens.

They speak English! And understand my location! And the repair guy speaks English!

I love Poland!

Turns out, Chris paid extra for an English-speaking insurance agent and got the premium roadside assistance package. He’s my hero! The guy below is a close second.

Poland Road Side Assistance

Travel Tip: Think back to Drivers Ed. We get out of the habit when we are at home, but we should always do a quick car inspection before driving. Whether you are in a rental or your own car, a quick walk around to inspect tires and mirrors could save you hassle later. What’s that saying about an ounce of prevention? (Would that be a grain of prevention outside of the US?)

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