A 67 hour visit; making the most of a trip to Minnesota.

He’s smiling in the photo, but I know he’s nervous inside. I just can’t tell if it’s because of all of the travel (two shuttles, 22 hours of flying, and three hours of driving in four days), being old enough to have a child graduate high school, or leaving me unsupervised with his debit card.

FlixBus Shuttle to Berlin

Chris’ journey to attend “Graduation 2016” started with a FlixBus shuttle to TXL. A good wife would probably have driven the two hours to Berlin. (I guess I’m not a good wife.) I, instead, drove 15 minutes to Szczecin Glowny so that he could catch the shuttle. Aside from getting up at 5:30 AM, Chris reports that the shuttle was relatively painless. Plus, two hours in a luxury coach with a toilet, power, and wifi was probably better than driving with me, especially when the roundtrip ticket only cost $25.

I’ve mentioned in a previous post that TXL is not my favorite airport. It is dated, has bad temperature control, and food options are limited in relation to the number of passengers that it serves. But their free wifi and fairly plentiful power outlets got me through a pretty miserable delay. Chris wasn’t as fortunate. He couldn’t pick up a signal once he got into Germany. (We’re not certain what went wrong, but he’s currently waiting at MSP for his flight to AMS and his wifi is working well. Fingers crossed for the rest of the trip home…)

His flight to AMS was uneventful, though there were a few moments of panic in security. Clearing took much longer than expected and as a result he didn’t get to the plane till they had almost completely boarded. Not exactly the feeling you want to have when you’re headed home to see your oldest child graduate from high school. But, a sleeping pill and nine hours later he was in Minnesota.

The final leg was a rental car for another hour and a half. Fill the next 67 hours with:  Applebees, Perkins, the Angry Birds movie, shopping (oh Target, how I have missed you), a high school graduation, Culver’s Frozen Custard, Mongolian Grill, an early Father’s Day present, a little sleep, lots of hugs and kisses (and a few tears) and that’s his visit. It was a whirlwind to hear about; I can’t imagine how it felt.

Graduation Dad Graduation 2016

That brings us to now. Chris is waiting for his flight from MSP to AMS so he can do the trek all over again. The only difference is that his luggage weighs a bit more since it is filled with items that we can’t get in Szczecin:  our favorite soap, Sudafed, travel size body spray from Bath and Body Works, and vanilla extract. It really feels like we are officially expats now.

As for me, I never expected to be jealous of him eating restaurant style chips and salsa — totally green with envy. I’ve decided that we’re going to have to make a trip to Berlin to find Mexican food and a Hibachi restaurant. My cravings are starting to take over my thoughts. Seriously, the only thing I want more is a Publix sub.

When I wasn’t having food envy I spent the weekend doing yard work (power washing is far more fun than it should be), running errands, walking the dog, and hanging out with the other family from South Carolina. (We are Winthrop people, they are Wofford people, but we are all Gamecocks in spirit.) We ate pierogi, drank sangria, and played an awesome card game called Sleeping Queens. I don’t claim to know much about kids, but I think it would make a great family game night addition.

That’s it. See, his debit card was safe!



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