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Go Now! It’s a philosophy that mixes the charge to do, the challenge to stretch, and the inspiration to learn. It started simply enough, and became a running joke in our family. My nephew, Nicholas, was almost three at the time. He was scheduled to stay with my parents while his parents went on a grown-up vacation. Instead of crying, he was ready — so ready that he was annoyed with all of the goodbyes and kisses. He wanted to fun to start. Finally, in sheer exasperation, he blurted out “Go Now!” Who can argue with that?Nicholas

And there it started. His words became the answer to delays, to indecision, and even laziness. Taking too long to get ready? You’ll hear a “Go Now!” in my family. Not sure what you want for dinner? Don’t talk about it, just go. Putting off working out, going back to college, doing the laundry, learning a new language; the list goes on and on. The simplest, more effective answer is usually Go Now!

So, there you have it. When faced with the decision to relocate to Poland, we decided to “Go Now”. This is Our Go Now. I hope you’ll enjoy our stories; they are dedicated to Nicholas.

ML headshotMichelle: Born in New Jersey, Michelle attended high school in Florida before graduating from college in South Carolina. She recently moved to Poland after three years in Kentucky and 20 years in the Carolinas. She has spent the past 19 years as a higher education professional. After working at five colleges in roles that included admission, residence life, student activities, financial aid, and recruitment she now focuses on helping students find their best fit college. When she isn’t helping guide students through the college search process, she is enjoying her time as an ex-pat in Poland, traveling the world, and golfing with her husband.




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Molly profileMolly:  Spent her days in Kentucky chasing rabbits, barking at school children, and protecting her family from joggers and golf carts. Her life has calmed down significantly since moving to Poland. She now enjoys chasing birds, sitting in the sun, and protecting her family from the door bell. She looks forward to the day when her mom is brave enough to take her on the tram or to a restaurant, Until then, she’ll continue to look cute in an effort to get extra treats from her dad. She, of course, is always successful.