Diving, Rum, and Fresh Fish in Barbados


I love TimeHop. It never fails to remind me of all of the small things that make up a great day and a great lifetime. During the past few days it has reminded me that I love to travel in January. In the past ten days alone,  I’ve received notifications about past trips to Boston, Napa, and Barbados.


Barbados is indeed paradise. It has a reputation for being the home of the healthiest reefs in the Caribbean and offers the ideal opportunity for wreck diving, which was the reason for our trip. But, Barbados also has some of the most transparent waters in the Caribbean, world-class golf, and lots sugar cane to make rum. (Mmmmm, rum.) Most importantly, the islanders are some of the nicest, most polite people I’ve ever met — I can’t tell you how many times people stopped to offer me directions. A bus driver even pulled over mid-route to help me! (And for the record, I don’t think I was lost.)

I planned the trip for me and a group of five fellow SCUBA divers that wanted to escape the snow. We found warm temperatures, sunny days (January is part of the dry season), a variety of  accommodations choices, and great food.

Transportation:  We flew CLT-BGI on American. The seven hour trip included an almost two hour layover in Miami. Our hotel shuttle brought us to the hotel and we used a variety of transportation options (dive shop shuttle, ZR Vans, taxis, and bus) during the rest of the week — no need to rent a car! If you have a chance, be sure to take a ZR Van. Some of my most fond Barbados memories are of our transportation fun.

Lodging: We stayed at Yellow Bird during the first portion of our trip. At the time they offered a two bedroom penthouse apartment. It was perfect! Great view, full kitchen, and a great value for an island that can be pricey. I don’t see the apartment on the current site, but it is worth contacting them. I found that they were highly responsive via email.

Penthouse View

Yellow Bird Penthouse View


Hilton Balcony View

After five days, the rest of the group left and I moved over to the Hilton Barbados. With some HiltonHonors points to burn I decided to get a bit of pampering. The Hilton didn’t let me down. Great service, just down the road from my favorite lunch spot, and great views.


Food: Breakfasts were typically self-catered: fruit, granola, cheese… Basically light food before diving. Lunch was usually cutter at Cuz’s Fish Shack. It’s right next to our dive location and one of the few foods that I still crave on a regular basis. Cuz has six ingredients — rolls, grilled blue marlin, cucumber, hand sliced cheddar, egg, and a spicy chili mustard type of sauce. But the blue marlin is the star of the show. The locals that flocked to this out of the way location said that his sandwiches are the best. I’m not much of a fish lover, but I would go back to Barbados just to eat there again.

Activities: I found that there is plenty to do in Barbados — lounge on the beach, visit the Concorde, eat at Oistin’s Fish Fry, go to a beach party, tour a rum factory, and of course, scuba dive night and day. #GoNow

I’m not afflicted with any of the business listed above and did not receive any discounts or benefits. I simply loved my trip and wanted to share. Please send me a message if you want to know more. 

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