Fat Thursday: Time to Make the Donuts


Earlier this week, Chris’ work sent the following email:

4 FEB 2016 – Fat Thursday (in Polish: Tlusty Czwartek). It’s a regular workday, however, on that day Poles forget about their diet and eat huge quantities of doughnuts / donuts (in Polish: pączki pronounced poonch-key). Traditionally it is a day dedicated to eating, when people get together with their friends and colleagues to eat large quantities of sweets. Don’t be surprised if they offer you some pączki. Enjoy it!

Wahoo! So, when Chris emailed to ask what I had planned for the day, I had to respond with:

It’s Fat Thursday! I’m gonna walk down to the market to get some pączki for blog photos. Yeah, that’s why I need to go…

wp-1454590341136.jpg wp-1454590341141.jpg











The traditional reason for making pączki was to use up all the lard, sugar, eggs, and fruit in the house before Lent. My reason — to eat donuts, not just take pictures! I’ve heard that lines sometimes circle around a cukiernia (bakery). Luckily, there were only five people in front of me. They all ordered the traditional pączki – glazed with candied orange zest and filled with rose hip jam. I got the same. Time to start on the average consumption of 2.5 pączki.

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