There’s No Place Like Home



After three weeks of hosting guests and traveling for work and play we have finally caught our breath. Laundry has been washed, photos have been downloaded, and now it’s time to reflect and plan the next trip.

So, what have we been up to lately? Well, we played tourist at home for a while when a friend from college visited us. Soon after, I joined Chris on a business trip to Estonia — I even had a chance to make a side trip to Latvia. Then, we regrouped for a few days before leaving for Dublin to celebrate our anniversary. Now we are home (not sure when Poland became home, but it is) and planning our next trip.

Here are a few highlight from our recent adventures. I’ll add seperate posts to share stores and travel tips.

Central Cemetery, Szczecin

DSC00208    DSC00192


Tallin, Estonia
DSC00260     DSC00430    DSC00221
Riga, Latvia

DSC00483     DSC00496    DSC00469






Dublin, Ireland

DSC00545 DSC00575

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